Teen Treatment


Oh the teenager, the not-quite-grown-up-who-wants-to-be-grown-up, or simply “sub-adult”. These years are fun and exciting, but they’re filled with change, drama, and very real self-image issues. These years can shape the rest of your teenager’s life (no pressure, mom and dad). So let’s set them up with an awesome smile, a healthy bite, and an ideal facial balance. 

No need to worry they’ll never land a good job or find their soul mate because of their jacked-up grill. We can fix that now and set them up for a lifetime of happy employment and marital bliss. 

Dr. Crossley is an equal opportunity orthodontist. He likes all teens, even when their parents don’t. Shy teens, loud teens, smart teens, rebellious teens, cool teens, even obnoxious teens. Bottom line, Dr. Crossley can relate to any personality your teen is currently trying on.  

So bring us your hormonal teen and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ve got a massage chair and a cold Diet Coke with your name on it. It’ll be the best 20 minutes of your day.


Teen Treatment Options


Metal Braces 


Say hello to Old Faithful. These babies are the go-to option for perfecting smiles. Don’t let these little metal squares fool you: there's a lot of technology inside that provides the most precision for straightening teeth. In the old days, braces could be uncomfortable and cumbersome. Not any more! The newest technology makes them slimmer, more precise, and comfortable. The braces we use have special metal doors that hold the ortho wires, which means colors are optional and you can go incognito if you want to. Or if it’s school spirit you’re after, we’ve got every color imaginable.

Clear Ceramic Braces

A clear alternative to metal braces. If you’d rather not show off your braces to the world, we got you. These have all the advantages of metal braces, with the added luxury of being less noticeable when you talk and smile. Just like our metal braces, you can add colors or leave them off at each appointment.

Invisalign Teen

A series of nearly invisible aligners that move teeth to their ideal position. You don’t have to interrupt your life to get a perfect smile! You can remove the aligners to eat, brush, floss, and enjoy social events like weddings, family photos, prom night…even alligator wrestling tournaments. This technology continues to improve every year, so more and more patients are becoming candidates for Invisalign. And because they are comfortable and easy to wear, most teens are rock-stars at wearing them consistently.


 Are you ready to invest in your smile?