Let’s be honest. A visit to the Doctors office isn’t exactly where you want to be. That’s why we’re not your usual Doctor’s office. We’ve reinvented the “waiting room”. You can only call it a waiting room if you’re actually waiting. And our patients are seen as soon as they check in.   

And don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the family taxi driver and entourage. We’ve got a massage room with full-body massage chairs for the over-worked adults who deserve a good pampering. #amen. We’ve got a theater room for the little ones and iPads for the not-so-little ones. Just like we’re serious about straight teeth, we’re serious about your hydration. Our “waiting room” fridge is the holy grail of PG beverages.    

Our Ortho bay has the latest technology including a digital Intra-Oral scanner, 3D model printing, and an X-ray machine that can do panoramic and cephalometric X-ray’s in-house. We only use the highest quality brackets, ortho wires, aligners, and instruments. What all this techno-babble really means is that we offer the best experience for our patients and the absolute best orthodontic care available.


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